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GST Solution

Provides 100% GST Solution

including all returns of GST & Dealer's/Importers return to ACES

We have put in place simple, robust system which takes care of all GST Returns necessities

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How it works Core features included in all plans.

All you have to do is to upload the required data as an Excel file. This Excel can be exported from your existing Accounting packages, which means no more unnessery data-entry. The only modification you have to do is to match the labels of your Excel file with our specification.

If you accounting pacakage do not have the feature of exporting report as Excel file, you may download our Excel template and enter the data manually.

After uploading, our system will validate the data in the Excel file and then generate an XML file from it, which you can download and submit to your ACES account...

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Core Features Core features included in all plans.

Strong Tech support

Every account comes with an personal support system. Excel files which are having problem in conversion, can be submitted over here. Our support personals will review your file and will help you the fix the problem.

Hassle free e-filing facility

Now prepair XML for CBEC eFiling just in 2 minutes. Upload your data as an Excel file and get converted to valid XML data, which can be downloaded.

Powerful data validation

Our system validates your data to the highest standerds. It validates all data as per the XML-Scheme specification provided ACERS. It even checks the existance of and ACES Registration. This extensive validation process reduces the chances of rejection of your XML file.

Bulk discount

For every four account of similar type you purchase you will get the 5th one absolutely free of cost. So if you buy 5 account, you will pay for four accounts. Discount is only applicable on accounts of similar types.

Auto Data Label Identification can identify data labels based on pre-defined constants. For example "Invoice Number" should have label "INVOICE-NUMBER". Likewise other data sets have other labels. The labels do not require any kind of ordering. This list of label constants can be obtained after logging in.

Detail Error Reporting

After validation, if any error is found in your Excel file, then our system provides you with a detail report of the error. This helps you understand the reason of the error and also to locate and rectify it quickly.